Design Consultation

Because we value your time, we want to know as much about your project and property in advance as possible so we are able to speak with the greatest accuracy during our design consultation. Please review this form and gather the necessary information to complete it before beginning as there is no way to save a partially completed form.

Once your completed form is submitted, we will review your information and contact you to schedule our onsite design consultation. At your consultation we will listen to your needs and vision for your landscape and in return offer our design recommendations. We will also offer our observations and ideas for the type and use of landscaping throughout your property in concert with your vision for your landscape. 

After our meeting we will email you our conceptual design proposal as well as our rough projection of the costs for your project. 

Please note: 

•    There is a $150 flat design consultation fee (credited toward your conceptual design fee)
•    Design consultations are one hour

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We schedule our meetings between 9am and 3pm