The care your landscape receives after it is installed is its lifeblood; the management of your landscape affects the longevity and beauty of your investment. We specialize in managing water, applying organic fertilization treatments (see below for why we recommend organic fertilizer over industry standards), and proper pruning and mowing practices to ensure your garden and lawn are happiest for you, the plants, and our earth.



We offer various landscape management packages depending on your needs:

  • Complete organic lawn care and fertilization

  • Mowing

  • Irrigation management and repair

  • Aeration

  • Spring/Fall clean ups

  • Water feature maintenance

  • Hand-weeding

  • Plant health care and pruning (including Emerald Ash Borer treatments)

  • Winterizations of irrigation systems and water features

  • Holiday lighting and decorating


Service Packages

Our Projects

We recommend our Design/Build Landscape Package for projects we design and install. The package offers:

  • Weekly hand-weeding

  • Irrigation management + spring/fall startup/shut down

Organic Lawn & Garden Care

Organic lawn care is better for you, your lawn, and our earth. Tree of Life’s Organic Lawn Care System ensures a lush, thick, weed-free lawn while protecting the environment and the health of your family and pets. Our products are safe for people and pet traffic immediately after each application is complete.

Fertilizing with organic products minimizes soil stress to create healthy lawns without harsh products that ruin the soil. A soil that is alive with biological activity cultivates plants that grow well, maintain color, and resist disease; these plants lay down deeper and stronger roots, which fortifies them against pests and environmental extremes like heat and drought. 

Bee Safe, Northern Colorado Head

As the Bee Safe Authorized Applicator for the northern Colorado region, we commit to a holistic stewardship of our natural environment by:

  • Mitigating nitrogen and phosphorus runoff

  • Reducing and eliminating the use of pesticides that cause damage to our environment

  • Using organic methods and products whenever possible to ensure that our environment is preserved for years to come