Our Process



Initial Design Consultation: We will meet with you on-site to discuss your vision and propose a few ideas of our own. This is also a time to talk through your budget and begin to explore the scope of your project. We charge a flat fee for our Initial Design Consultation which will be credited towards your conceptual design.

Conceptual Design Proposal: Within one week of the Initial Design Consultation we will email you a Conceptual Design Proposal, which will outline the vision for your Conceptual Design based on the ideas your shared with us at our Initial Design Consultation, a Conceptual Design fee, and a price range for your project.

Proposal Acceptance: If the Conceptual Design Proposal meets your expectations, we will begin to design the details. 


Conceptual Design Presentation: Within 4 to 6 weeks we will present a Conceptual Design based on our collaborative vision for your landscape outlined in the Conceptual Design Proposal. This will include a scaled drawing of your design and typically a perspective sketch to help communicate the concept of the design. This will also be accompanied by a more detailed overview of the pricing.

Conceptual Design Revisions: We’re excited to hear from you! What do you like about the Conceptual Design Presentation? What would you like to change? The design phase of any Tree of Life project is critical for laying the foundation of the rest of the project, and we want it to be perfect.

Second Conceptual Design Presentation: After any revisions have been made to the design, we will present you with a revised proposal for the project costs. We will now typically be ready to move into the construction phase of your project. 

Plant Specific Design: Until this point, the designs will only provide a general idea of trees, shrubs and perennials. Before the construction can begin, the final needed detail to the Conceptual Design Overview is to select specific plants.


Demolition & Site Preparation: Construction begins by preparing the site. Old construction may need to be removed to lay new foundations for your project.

Irrigation: Once we prepare the site, we will install any necessary plumbing, electrical, and gas.

Install: This is the fun part. You will see your vision come to life! 


Final Walk-Through: We will walk the project with you to make sure that every detail matches your vision.

Provision of “As Built” Document: There are always slight modifications during the Irrigation and Install phases of any project. An "As Built" Document details these subtle construction differences so that you know exactly where water, gas, and electrical lines were buried. This documentation is helpful for future construction and maintenance. 

Maintenance & Adjustments: All products and plants have specific warranties. If any aspect of your project doesn’t meet your expectations, we will return and fix it. We will also periodically visit the site to adjust irrigation, lighting, and check on the plants.